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Bronxville History

Reminiscent of a quaint English hamlet, the neighborhoods of Bronxville capture an Old World ambiance that continues to charm new comers and residents alike. Ranked 49th in Worth magazine’s list of the top 250 Richest Towns in America, Bronxville is one of the premier neighborhoods in the country. This affluent suburb has a dignified beauty and refined lifestyle that is reflected in the shady tree-lined streets, sophisticated and unique shops, and profusion of lovely gardens that have come to characterize this historic area. Nestled within the curve of the Bronx River and less than thirty minutes from Grand Central Station, Bronxville has been insolated due partly to its geographic location and partly to the its origins as a self-contained community. This proclivity toward independence has helped to sustain the charm of a bygone era and bypass the pitfalls of massive urbanization.
The area that has come to be known as Bronxville was originally home to the Mohegan Indians. In 1639, Jonas Bronck, a successful merchant newly arrived from Denmark, purchased a significant block of land and became the region’s first white settler. The new settlement gained further momentum with the arrival of John Underhill, an ambitious businessman who established several grist and saw mills along the Bronx River in the early 1700’s. Underhill’s Crossing, as it came to be known, grew into a prosperous farming community over the next several decades. With the arrival of the railroad in the early 1840’s, the settlement became formally established under the new name Bronxville in honor of Mr. Bronck. By the early 1900’s, millionaire William Van Duser Lawrence concentrated the bulk of his vast fortune in construction, and built sumptuous homes to sell to his friends and business associates. Charmed by the beautiful countryside and conscious of the economic potential of an area within such close proximity to Manhattan, Mr. Lawrence became instrumental in Bronxville’s development. In 1928, as a tribute to his wife, Sarah, Mr. Lawrence founded Sarah Lawrence College. During the 19th Century, Bronxville became a center for the avant-garde community as artists spilled over from the big city into this quiet riverside town.

Tiny Bronxville encompasses a mere square mile in area and is nestled in the center of southern Westchester County within 2 miles of Mount Vernon and Eastchester, 3 miles of Yonkers, and 18 miles of Manhattan. The average travel time for commuters is 38.5 minutes. Bronxville has a population of over 6,500 residents with a median age of 38 years, a median household income of over $144,000 and a median house appraisal value of $959,000. Unemployment is at a low 2.1%. Bronxville is within 13 miles of both LaGuardia International Airport and Westchester County Airport which is located in White Plains.

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