Seller Resources

Seller’s Closing Expenses:

  1. In Westchester, Buyers and Sellers use attorneys to negotiate their contracts, do title work and close the transaction. This cost typically ranges between $1000 and $2000.
  2. Broker’s Commission.
  3. Taxes are the third component of closing costs. Those typically paid by the Seller are:

Paid to New York State:
Transfer Tax: $4 per $1,000 of the sales price (.04%)

Paid to Eastchester/Bronxville/Tuckahoe


Paid to Yonkers:

Yonkers City Transfer Tax: 1.5% of the total sales price

Paid to Mt. Vernon:

Mt. Vernon City Transfer Tax: 1% of the sales price above $100,000 (the first $100,000 is exempt).

Pre-Closing Utility Contact Numbers

Before closing, sellers need to transfer utilities out of their name and buyers need to transfer utilities into their name. The following list should expedite doing that:

Electric and Gas:

ConEdison – 1-800-75-ConEd

Cable TV:

Cablevision – 1-800-OK-Cable


Verizon – 914-890-1550


Bronxville – United Water – 914-632-6900

Yonkers – City – 914-377-6738 (meter reading)

Mt. Vernon – City – 914-665-2330 (seller must call)

Seller’s Time Line – From Acceptance of Offer to Closing

General Timeline: (varies somewhat with each transaction, but intended to give you a rough idea of what to expect):

Weeks 1-2 after accepting the offer:
The attorneys for both parties then negotiate any contract issues related to closing date, what may have come up on the inspection, etc. Once the contract is acceptable to both parties, the purchaser signs first, and returns it with a check for 10% of the purchase price to their attorney, who then sends the contract and check to the seller’s attorney. The seller then signs and the seller’s attorney holds the 10% in escrow.

Weeks 3-4 The buyer’s attorney orders the title report, which will disclose chain of title, and existing mortgages and liens, if any. The attorneys then work to resolve any issues that need to be addressed. This is a good time to make a preliminary appointment with a mover.  There is a list of local movers’ names and numbers on the Bronxville Area Service Providers List — click the Resources button.

Weeks 5-6 The buyer usually has 30 days after both parties have signed the contract in which to obtain a mortgage commitment, fulfilling the mortgage contingency. Sometimes this deadline needs to be extended, and the attorneys will discuss why if this turns out to be the case. The mortgage commitment may contain conditions which must be met before the lender will issue a “clear to close,” which is what enables the closing to be scheduled. These conditions usually pertain to updating information and/or documents.

Week 7 In order to transfer title at closing, all existing debts against the property (mortgage(s), and lines of credit and liens, if any), must be paid off, or, in the case of an open home equity line of credit, frozen. The seller will need to identify all such loans and lines of credit and, with the help of their lawyer, arrange for payoff to be made at closing.  Making a list of account numbers and social security numbers for each account and each borrower expedites this process. Arrange for the cancellation of service providers (water company for a final water reading and bill, ConEdison for gas and electricity, phone, cable, lawn, newspaper delivery, alarm company, etc. See list above)

Week 8 Make final preparations to move any remaining furniture and furnishings from the house, make sure it is in “broom clean” condition, as is typically required by the contract.  All electrical, plumbing and heating systems, and all appliances, need to be in working order. The buyers will do a “walk through” within 48 hours before the closing to check on this, as well as that the house is in essentially the same condition as when they entered into the contract.

Attend the closing — be sure to bring photo ID plus any other documents your attorney advises you to bring.